Thursday, January 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Babe!!!!!

today is hubbys brithday he is 37 and man that just seems old sorry hun just does . we are planning a date on the weekend . take him to see some action flick which will make him so happy!!! anyways i have to be at work at 730 this morning and low and behold i get a call at 11 or so lastnight do you want to come in for 645 and i am like not really but i should have went because well i am goining to end working that bench anyways i just know it !! anyways not to much going on here but i have been a good girl i have done my treadmill everyday and i believe i am seeing changes and let me tell i do feel better and thats the best part i need a scale to see if i am reaching my goals!!! have a great day i am off to see if hubby is on the treadmill !!!


Kimberly White said...

Hi Stacy! Hope you had a great day at work! I'm out of town Sunday and monday - wedding festivities for my sister! We do need a scrap time ... call me! Kim
PS. Hope your man has a great bday!

Laura said...

Hey Stacy,have fun on your date this weekend. Today is also my good friends bday...must be a good day! Keep up the work on the treadmill. I use my elliptical trainer @ least 3xs/ it. So far, since October, I have lost 20 pounds and almost as many is a struggle but you can do it!! I'll pop by to help keep you motivated if you want? It's sometimes easier if you have someone else kicking your but!!

Tannis said...

well, well, well, I happen to have a scale at my house and I can be your cheeleader. You need to do measurements too because sometimes even when you don't lose weight in pounds, you lose inches! great way to stay motivated

Lynn said...

Old??? i am definetely ancient then!!! lol Happy Birthday to your hubby, and enjoy your date... Have great weekend!


TammyBrownlee said...

happy birthday Stacy's hubby! Enjoy your weekend date! Good for you sticking to the treadmill....come sunday butt is starting to excercise again!

Have a great day girl!