Wednesday, December 26, 2007

kids got............

entirely to much stuff. i think next year we are just going to donate christmas to someone else and just have a family time together sounds to good i think i am still in lethbridge just waiting for hubby to finish hanging my sis's new tv a plasma flat screen and then we are off to red deer home sweet home!!!!! so i will post pics later got a few how was everyone's christmas?

Monday, December 24, 2007

so here it is...........................................

christmas eve in lethbridge and the 10 or so kids all under the age of 10 are pretty much behaving themselves there is one that is whining about this and that but let me tell ya we told him we hear it again the tabassco sauce comes out so hopefully he will stop other then that trying my utmost best to show others the true meaning of christmas because they dont seem to show it very well so a little knidness might help my sis and i had a chat not sure how much longer my grandpa will be here we think he may just give up here shortly for which i am extremely sad for and i hope he sticks a little longer and i am trying not to cry about it i just hope he knows jesus been praying for that other then that christmas here seems very relaxed so i come to wish you all a very wonderful christmas and very happy new year!!!!! hope you travel safe and enjoy your speacial time with family !!!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

remember when.......

i fell and broke my leg not so long ago in march of this year yeah well i took a hard and i mean hard sit last night and i think i did in my tail bone and not to mention i have now pulled ligaments in my knee of the leg i have broken so here i sit legs proped up and trying to get my celander christmas presents done and i apologixe now to anyone who gets something loopy because of my drugged up state lol!!! well back to work at least its a good reason to get soem scrappin done!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Birthday baby girl

so it was shantals birthday yesterday and we did absolutely nothing poor kid well our intentions were to have a family bowling party and justhave not got there this week we just returned from davids christmas concert and on thursday we have to do jesse and shantals and not to mention that shan has gymnastics tomorrow and another party for one of her favorite buddies they are 10 days apart her mom and i were actually due the same day anyways off to enjoy the rest of my evening

Friday, December 07, 2007

i have been scrapping

like a mad woman had nothing else to do but christmas cards and projects for presents done i will share my OLW lo and another i did not get done in time for the scrapjack lol!!i even had my unpubbed one done this week and no time to take a pic of it before it was due lol!!

and then i have a some pics i have been working on

this is zander and marrisa my neice and nephew are they not just goregeous!!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

so we buried her today

we went to the funeral for my cousin today it was very sad but very comforting as well the lady who is a cousin to my cousin on the otherside of her family did the best job in the world for the biography they have been very close all throughout life when she spoke i could hear kerry in her voice. i am ready to be done with death for awhile but i have a feeling we have some more soon life changes so fast i just hope its a couple of months off from now. i just wanted you to all know that i have you all in my thoughts and prayers...........

Thursday, November 29, 2007

more scrappy goodness...............

k i have been getting alot of scrapping done considering my state of mind i will share this though i think hubby has made a change in himself which is good good it only make him more special he would never like to celebrate christmas 2 major factors contributing to this are his mom forced an all out celebration on the family not always so good and second his dad died very tragically around christmas about 20 years ago and its hard on him i am so glad to see a change ty jesus!!! anyways off to see my sister tomorrow and then on saturday we will drive the rest of the way to our family to celebrate karry's life i am not looking forward to this i am sad about it she is to young but its gods plan not mine and i can live with it !!! thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers !!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

deep breaths........

so this weekend i celebrated my 35th birthday i share this birthday with my little cousin hailey who has passed on 4 years ago now at the very young age of 18 i believe. i think of her and her family often. well this morning my dad called to let me know that my cousin karri who like 2 years older then me passed away last night she leaves behind her a husband and 4 beautiful girls mother and father 3 brothers and their spouses 4 nephews and a neice she has been sick along time now 5 years or so. i seen her only a month and a half ago at my grandmothers funeral she was ok but a little confused my family has taken a major hit this year 3 people have now passed on and i am telling the rest of you my family i cannot take anymore this year so please in the gentleness voice possible stop it get well for my own mental stress i need you a little while longer please !!! my prayers are for tammy as well you know why girl!! hugs!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

some scrappy goodness.......

told you i would some scrappyness i got done i am going to try and get more done tomorrow i have taken on 3 calenders and a couple of minis for christmas i am thinking of a couple of other as well i hope the old mojo lasts out lol!!! enjoy

i will post more later blooger is not willing to cooperate tyfl!!!!!


just wanted to stop in and say hey everyone been photoshopping some pics and will share later of my sisters crystals wedding waiting for my dad to show he was on his way today i think up north not much else going on except our annual trip to the festival of trees and then my birthday on sunday hoping this deal on our house goes thru at the end of this month we will see i got more scrapping in i have alot of projects for christmas to get doen so i had better get back it see ya !!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

had a great weekend

no sleep but a great weekend congrats Sat and Crystal got some pics to share

Saturday, November 10, 2007

had some more time

this week and my hubby is mad at me for it uuggghhhh!! men lol! anyways wanted to share i got one done for the OLW challenge yay for me what has been months lol

Thursday, November 08, 2007

loads to share

here are some pics of the circle journal i promised to share with you

what ya think i think they did an awesome job i just love it girls!!!! i have also picked another book one recommended by my girl kim who is right this is fabulous!!!! and i also have a sneaky to show well to one for the SIS tv sisters cj and one for another group of girls all within canada i think lol i got what i asked for i also did some los last night made hubby haul the sewing machine upstairs found a new scrapbook store janine(?) i think thats how shes spells her name told me about it at scrapfest had to go check it out just love there furniture very antique and a very cool store has quite a few things that scrapbookers does not will be back again and i have to take tannis with she said so lol!! it is called serendipity scrapbooks and gifts cool cool store now we are off the dentist AGAIN ughhhhhh!! jesse has to get a tooth pulled he keeps getting abcesses on it and it sounds like it may be rotting from the root i hope this is not what is going to be like in the furture lol!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So i got my circle journal back

and its gorgeous i will share tomorrow or the next just love it thanks jessi, kim,lynne and tannis anyone interested in another?? let me know here or whereever in person or email at so we have had more people thru the house since this offer and i am hoping it will bring another offer to the table please keep it in your prayers thanks girlios!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

i told you

that i would share some recent stuff this is it i did this at scrapfest had not had much time to scrap lately hopefuly this weekend will change that i have one offer on my house yay!!! my house is still up for sale because the offer has a condional to sell of their property first so if we get a cleaner offer they have 24 hrs to resolve their conditions or else they lose the deal they have to sell before the 30 of nov. we will see what it brings

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


today my little boy is 7 years old what a big boy now!!! i just cannot get my head around it lol!!! hes growing way to fast for me may have to talk randy into one more lol!!!.............then again maybe not!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

so its up for sale its official

my house for the last 7 years is up for sale i will show you pics of the completed house and a new pic of my kids my sis took

so not much else going on we hope to see lots of viewing this week but the market has slowed quite a bit so hopefully ..............i saw kim at work last night so glad we will have to scrap this week maybe let me know what works for you i amy post some of my latest stuff in the next couple of days i have not posted any art for awhile to busy to even scrap so going thru withdrawl have a good week i am off to spend time with my sis