Wednesday, December 13, 2006

yay for me

hello i got done yesterday 12 dozen cookies lol !! was fun going to make more tomorrow have to work today what fun !! i am thinking i might take the ps2 away at this moment kids are fighting over it and the game they want to play so i think i will take it away get back my sanity anyways i applied for those dt teams tannis i hope you will to !! please lol i am nervous about it later have to settle an agruement (??)


Kimberly White said...

Did you work today??? I didn't see you and I was in ER from 0730-1530. Oh well, we'll meet soon enough I hope! Go girl on the cookies - that's my job for tomorrow. Have a great day! Kim

TammyBrownlee said...

good luck on the DT' on the cookies girl! I wanna see a picture of htat cake you made!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Tannis said...

Well you know, ali says keep applying and submitting everything, you will get threr