Thursday, November 16, 2006


so we got in the hottub last night brrr and awwwww................ and my kids just dont know when to relax it was just sit down please mom and dad want to relax... anyways i talked to my brother last night and gave him an ear full coz well i guess he has decided to move to fernie as of december 1 and i just found out from my mom who has known for a week or so. i don't like him being that far away . what about my mom she has my sister till the latest march and now i feel responsible and hubby is concerned she will end up with us up in rd she lives in leth if anything happens to my grandma and pa she will move i think. she has no one down there and i hate to say this but i do not want her here i like my space works better for us i love her very much but this is how we get along lol!!! and yes i make some 50 cards if i get them made so what of it lol!!!!!


Kimberly White said...

Sounds like you have a lot on your plate girl. Hope it all turns out for the best!

Tannis said...

tacy- are we online croppin? if so I will meet ya here! lol. If you come I have a surprize for you and one for Kimber I am emailing her next. If so, see ya tonight phone me