Friday, November 24, 2006

k so 1 more sleep

k so this is my first challenge for the POTP these are so fun to do an online crop i get so much done lol!! . so i guess its one sleep til my birthday and i hate to say this but i think i am now get old i think i am starting to feel old. i know age is only state of mind.
so hubby just told me to get all the scrapbooking i could in this winter because come summer he will be on the golf course seriously man you have no idea !!!!well anyways i better go to bed now so i can wake up older and go to the festival of trees and have fun with the kids. we are also going to the kinsmen dream home tomorrow to dream !!


Kimberly White said...

You are not old lady. Hoping you have a fabulous blessed day tomorrow! Ps. Love that page! You are an inspiration!

Tammy Brownlee said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Hope it was all you had hoped it would be! Old...what is that? lol

Beautiful page!

Tannis said...

I sent my DH to the festival of trees with the kids, tee hee hee! Hope your birthday was great!

Lynn said...

This is sooo cute!!!
Happy Birthday!

Renee said...

this is such a cute layout stacey! happy birthday also!