Monday, November 27, 2006

my birthday ............

k it was not so bad what was bad was going back to work after 2 weeks off lol!!! i hate to work that hard . i love my job but we need to make changes there and i hope they come soon! anyways i hope to post my dd new room not quite finished yet so i will have to get it up soon !!! and then i have to tackle my boys room its a mess yikes !!! anyway have to get up tomorrow that dreaded work thing so i better get to work on a load of disehes and a load of laundry see ya tomorrow!!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

k so 1 more sleep

k so this is my first challenge for the POTP these are so fun to do an online crop i get so much done lol!! . so i guess its one sleep til my birthday and i hate to say this but i think i am now get old i think i am starting to feel old. i know age is only state of mind.
so hubby just told me to get all the scrapbooking i could in this winter because come summer he will be on the golf course seriously man you have no idea !!!!well anyways i better go to bed now so i can wake up older and go to the festival of trees and have fun with the kids. we are also going to the kinsmen dream home tomorrow to dream !!

Monday, November 20, 2006

peace and joy

okay so this weekend we did an online crop and i never got all the challenges done.but this is my favorite next to one other i may share this is my true wish for this next year i am at a place in my life where i am so flustered with my job. And well it seems that the little things get to me and other people get to me. i was driving my ds into school and i tell you i almost got into three accidents because people just seem to not give a rip. its like there mind is saying i am in a hurry and i dont care about you or anyone and i almost want to give up driving. i was going to go to tannis's after i dropped ds off and i thought no way, i am going home to hide from all this crap. it seems people do not give a care to other people and this hurts because its only going to get worst for my children. i think i have some kind of beacon for challenged people that have issuses in all parts of life and they want to take it out on me . uuuggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!! anyway i need to have a better attitude for my sake, my kids sake and my for family and friends . i need joy and peace lol!!!! i think a visit to spa for my birthday which is in 5 sleeps...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Thursday, November 16, 2006


so we got in the hottub last night brrr and awwwww................ and my kids just dont know when to relax it was just sit down please mom and dad want to relax... anyways i talked to my brother last night and gave him an ear full coz well i guess he has decided to move to fernie as of december 1 and i just found out from my mom who has known for a week or so. i don't like him being that far away . what about my mom she has my sister till the latest march and now i feel responsible and hubby is concerned she will end up with us up in rd she lives in leth if anything happens to my grandma and pa she will move i think. she has no one down there and i hate to say this but i do not want her here i like my space works better for us i love her very much but this is how we get along lol!!! and yes i make some 50 cards if i get them made so what of it lol!!!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

1 more day to go ...........

then off for 2 weeks and still 13 sleeps lol!!!(til birthday) looking thru some stuff this week hope to get things moving with opprotunity hope it works lol!!!anyways 20 christmas cards down 30 to go so i better go work on them and spend time with hubby and kids before the weekend is over thanks to all who have been visiting here !!!!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

17 days....

17 days til i turn 34 wow!!! i am getting really up there lol!!! things i would like to change my weight, my hair and at times my house!! what i would like for my birthday an eliptical trainer or a new cell some scrapbook stuff of course lol!!! things to look forward to my friend tannis and i are looking at something we may be making a huge change in proffession god lead the way and last but diffinately not least my kids are sick yucky again lol!!!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I just wanted to share a recent page i did that i love of my children. The photo was taken by my sister who is a great photographer. Icould learn alot from her and i intend to.

We had lunch at the MIL's today with a bunch of my husbands family . Which we have not seen in quite awhile , do you ever feel like you don't fit in man it was there today even my SIL felt that way , uuuuugggggghhhhh note to self never again just stay home and scrapbook lol i wish .

Saturday, November 04, 2006

hello this is my first post..............

just starting this i need a place to vent to share or whatever when i think that someone is listening..........................